Toyota Corolla

1992-1998 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Toyota Corolla
- 1. Maintenance instruction
   1.2. Codes of models
   1.3. Control panel
   + 1.4. Combination of devices
   + 1.5. Governing bodies and instrumentations
   - 1.6. Start-up of the engine and driving
      1.6.1. Check before start-up of the engine
      1.6.2. Check after start-up of the engine
      1.6.3. Methods of driving
      + 1.6.4. Towage of the trailer
      1.6.5. Actions at refusal of start-up of the engine
      1.6.6. Obligatory set of tools and spare wheel
      1.6.7. Replacement of a wheel
      1.6.8. Towage of the car
      1.6.9. Motor compartment
      1.6.10. Arrangement of safety locks
      1.6.11. Check of level of oil in the engine
      1.6.12. Oil brand choice
      1.6.13. Check of level of cooling liquid
      1.6.14. Composition of cooling liquid
      1.6.15. Check of pressure in tires
      1.6.16. Replacement of tires
      1.6.17. Shift of wheels
      1.6.18. Installation of winter tires and chains
      1.6.19. Precautionary measures for cast aluminum disks
      1.6.20. Check of an external condition of the battery
      1.6.21. Check of level of electrolyte
      1.6.22. Battery charging
      1.6.23. Check and replacement of safety locks
      + 1.6.24. Replacement of lamps
   1.7. Specifications
   1.8. Adjusting data, filling capacities and liquids
   + 1.9. Possible malfunctions
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling systems, heating
+ 5. Fuel, exhaust systems
+ 6. System of decrease in toxicity
+ 7. Transmissions
+ 8. Coupling and half shafts
+ 9. Brake system
+ 10. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

1.6.14. Composition of cooling liquid


Water plums from the fuel filter

The arrow specified a drain stopper.

Antifreeze (ethylene glycol) and anticorrosive additives are a part of cooling liquid.

Liquid with anticorrosive additives can be applied only in those regions in which freezing is excluded.

As such additives Radiator Conditioner of Toyota firm or equivalent are recommended.

Properties of frost-resistant and anticorrosive additives and the recommended proportions of water are specified on container by the manufacturer. Capacity of the cooling system is specified in subsection 1.8. Antifreeze is recommended to be mixed with water in the ratio 50:50 or in such ratio which provides a freezing point not above -35 °C.

It is forbidden to apply antifreeze on a spirit basis or to fill in clear water in the cooling system.

Fire of a control lamp of the fuel filter specifies that from the filter it is necessary to merge water immediately.

1. Substitute the pallet under a drain stopper.
2. Turn off a stopper counterclockwise, on 2–2,5 turns (at a bigger otvorachivaniye it will be watered on the periphery of a stopper).
3. Pump up the pump fuel to its effluence.
4. Tighten a stopper by hand (not to use the tool).